Rallying is spectacular and beautiful, but can be rendered dangerous through wrong actions. This doesn't only apply to competing crews, but also to spectators standing alongside the stages. For your and their security we ask you to respect the instructions listed below. Thank you for your cooperation!


Do not block any roads

A rally stages is nothing more than a temporarily closed road. There is a big chance there will be no organised parking facilities at your chosen location. In that case, please park your car in such a way that the roads remain clear for organising and emergency services. Rally cars and emergency vehicles should be able to access and leave stages without hindrance.

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Find a secure location to follow the rally beforehand

Ensure that you have found a secure viewing location well before the stage starts. A rally car approaches faster than you may think! Below you will find the forbidden areas for each type of corner indicated in red.

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Always remain standing

Rally cars travel on the stages at high speeds. When something goes wrong, a car will not reach a standstill immediately. Always take into account a rally car can leave the road or overshoot a corner. Even when standing in a location which is designated safe, rally cars or car parts may still be able to reach you. If you remain standing, you will be able to quickly move from your current location. You may not have this time when sitting down.

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Remain behind the tape

Marshals have taped off the rally stages so the spectators can follow the rally from a relatively safe distance. Respect the taped areas and always remain behind the tape. Always be alert, the chance of possible dangers may be reduced but not entirely gone.

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Always look at the direction from which the cars are coming

Make sure you always maintain a good view over the stage and look at the direction from which the cars are coming. Please ensure that you:

  • Don't follow the rally through a camera lens. A lens distorts the image.
  • Never turn your back towards the stage.

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Chose a location from which you can escape

Despite the organisers taking great car to determine where spectators can and cannot stand, you as a spectator have your own insight and responsibility. When choosing a location, ensure there are sufficient possibilities for you to escape from that location. For this reason you should never stand in front of a building or in the areas indicated in red on the drawings below.

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Obey organisers' and marshal's instructions

The stages are manned with trained and licensed marshals who know what to do to ensure the safety of the public. Always follow marshal's instructions, they are there for your safety.

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Do not impede the organisers and marshals, help where possible

Participants, organisers and marshals do everything to offer you a rally which is as safe as possible. However, they cannot do this alone and require your help. Should the organisers and/or marshals as you to stand back or to chose a different location, please obey them.

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Warn your fellow spectators for possible danger

A rally can be made safe by working together. Should you see any danger for a fellow spectator, please warn him or her. Not everyone is aware of the potential dangers of rallying. Especially children!


Remain in your location until the stage is finished

Theoretically rally cars start at one minute intervals. However, this doesn't mean you will see a car every sixty seconds. During the course of a rally, cars can suffer mechanical problems or driver errors which can (temporarily) block a stage. This results in delays in the time schedule. Remain in your location until the stage is definitely finished or cancelled. A rally is finished when the closing cars passes, but it can still be followed by organising vehicles or breakdown vehicles.