The Kempenrally is back Rebirth on 16th December in and around Turnhout

16th December, make sure you add this date to your sport’s diary. This is the day when the Kempenrally makes its comeback. Up until the mid ‘80s the Kempenrally was one of the biggest and most important rallies in Belgium, and now a group of motorsport enthusiasts, brought together under the vzw Kempenrally, have resurrected this motorsport event of the same name. The Kempenrally, in and around Turnhout in Belgium, will be the rebirth of a competition that in years gone by put the Kempen on the motorsport map.

“The Kempenrally will be of the regularity type, with two classes”, Guino Kenis, one of the driving forces behind the event, commented. “We welcome participants with either an oldtimer or youngtimer up to 1991, who can opt between a class at a maximum average of 60 km/h and another at 80 km/h. You can compare the classes with the Classic and the new Challenger from the Legend Boucles, a competition I have competed in on several occasions.”

The Kempenrally course will take in 6 different special stages, regularity stages, each to be covered 2 to 3 times. “As such competitors will be faced with 16 stages, amounting to 150 kilometres against the clock. This is a fair amount and you may rest assured that we will be drawing up the greatest roads in the region. The first competitor will take the start around ten minutes to eight to finish at 20.00hrs. It will be an exceptionally splendid day, that true motorsport aficionados must not miss. On top of that it is also a quieter period in motorsport, reason enough to come and reconnoitre Turnhout and the surrounding region.”

The organisers have also come to an excellent agreement with the RTV TV station with a view to covering the Kempenrally, with after the event an extensive report. “In addition one week prior to the event an advertising spot will be shown on RTV to motivate one and all to be present on Saturday 16th December!”


19-09-2017 RTV

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