Introduction Kempenrally


A number of autosport enthusiasts from the Kempen region, all widely experienced in organising different auto(sport)events both in the Kempen region and beyond, cherished a common dream of bringing motorsport in the area back to a higher level by organising a new event that should excel in every way.


Until the mid 1980s, the Kempenrally was one of the biggest and most important rallies in the country, appreciated by many fans. Together with experts in their domain, the Kempenrally association wants to revive a rally with the same name in search of the heydays from the previous century.


The Kempenrally ‘New Style’ will take place on Saturday 16 December 2017, based in the city of Turnhout. The Kempenrally will be a regularity rally with two categories: 60 km/h average or 80 km/h average. The rally is reserved for cars which are at least 25 years old. No less than six different RT's (regularity stages), each to be used multiple times, are planned in the area surrounding Turnhout. An important element is that reconnaissance of the stages beforehand is NOT allowed! Navigators can only give their drivers instructions using maps supplied by the organisers. The administrative checks and scrutineering of the competing vehicles, as well as the mandatory briefing, will take place on Friday 15 December 2017.